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We provide independent investment advice and portfolio management services to individual and institutional investors. Passive Capital Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser with fiduciary responsibility for our clients' portfolios.

PCM Value Proposition

  • Help investors set realistic goals and then structure an investment strategy around the known sources of risk and return
  • Develop a clear investment plan that delivers the returns of the capital markets and adhere to a disciplined methodology while controlling costs and managing tax efficiency
  • Analyze investment products and determine the most appropriate tools for each investor's portfolio

We're Different.

Our investment strategy is a distinct alternative to trying to pick winning stocks or active managers. Historical data and research clearly show that an overwhelming majority of active managers underperform their appropriate benchmarks because they do not have the ability to consistently predict the future movements in the capital markets. We understand that market fluctuations are random and unpredictable, so trying to outsmart the markets is oftentimes a futile endeavor. We view the capital markets as our allies that, over time, will reward investors who commit their capital; this is the essence of capitalism. Because of these facts and beliefs, we structure portfolios using passively-managed asset class funds, index funds and exchange-traded funds that allow us to most effectively target the various segments of the global capital markets.

Instead of trying to predict and control things that are outside of our control, we choose to spend our time controlling all of the important variables that can positively impact portfolio performance: asset allocation, diversification, discipline, tax efficiency and costs. We believe this approach gives our clients the highest odds of enjoying a successful investment experience.

We understand the important relationship between returns and risk and spend time helping clients determine how much risk they need or want to take to accomplish their financial objectives. Our goal is to help investors capture the returns that the capital markets provide while taking the appropriate amount of risk.

We are a completely independent, fee-only investment advisory firm and do not receive any compensation for the investment products we use to implement our strategy. Additionally, we are authorized to construct portfolios with passive funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors.


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