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    “I’m not arguing that nobody can pick winning stocks - I’m arguing that few people can pick winning stocks….most people are just wasting effort.”
    Kenneth French, Dartmouth College Economics Professor; DFA Head of Investment Strategies

    Passively-managed asset class funds enable investors to minimize costs, avoid market-timing penalties, and give clients exposure to the appropriate asset classes given their goals, objectives and risk tolerance. We believe that most actively-managed investment vehicles destroy value by charging high fees and underperforming their respective benchmarks.

    Why it matters:
    Fees, taxes, and underperformance can have a meaningful impact on the ultimate value of your portfolio. The charts below illustrate how a hypothetical gross return can be eroded by various factors, including high costs, taxes, and market-timing penalties. Our goal is to maximize the risk-adjusted returns for clients.

    For illustrative purposes only, and is not representative of all active or passive managers.

    Source: "The Relentless Rules of Humble Arithmetic" by John Bogle
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