“Research conducted by John Bogle, Charles Ellis, Burton Malkiel and myself has undeniably shown that active mutual fund managers fail, after fees, to keep pace with the market indexes.”
Jeremy J. Siegel, Wharton Finance Professor

Passive Capital Management provides independent investment advice and portfolio management services to individuals and institutions. We manage both taxable and tax-deferred accounts, such as: traditional brokerage accounts, Rollover IRAs and Roth IRAs. We structure portfolios within separately managed accounts. Each account is customized and managed according to the risk tolerance, goals, and objectives of the client.

We strive to provide customized service according to each client’s needs. We provide quarterly performance reports, analysis and rebalancing. Some of our services may also include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Asset allocation
  • Cash management
  • Review meetings
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • On-going review of new products
  • Portfolio evaluation and analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement reviews for investment committees
  • Newsletters and other educational material
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